Business development, strategy, operations, and marketplace consultancy. All in one place.

I'm a marketing strategist, content specialist, digital and ops expert who works with start-ups, brands, and businesses.  I develop strategy frameworks and winning formulas for your business that are repeatable and scalable.

As a marketplace expert, I'll create the strategy that aligns with the brand's vision. As an operations expert, I'll support your internal operations team finding efficiencies, reviewing revenue and pricing, to ensure that you have systems and processes to effectively support and enable business growth.

If you are curious about my background and how I got here, check out my Bio

Working in collaboration with you and your team we will:

  • Create digital programs and products and finalize the marketing strategy;

  • Develop a customized marketing framework with an easy-to-follow formula that your team can quickly implement;

  • Develop content strategy, social marketing plans, and create content for email, video, and social;

  • Provide edit and proofreading support for your website including, email, social, product descriptions, FAQs, and sales funnels;

  • Establish partnerships and affiliate programs;

  • Define operations roadmap, find synergies with working teams, and provide support for business growth.